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TTCAD Provides Relief Aid to St Vincent

TTCAD Provides Relief Aid to St Vincent

In collaboration with ITNAC (Is There Not A Cause), a T&T NGO, TTCAD donated USD1000.00 equivalent to TT$7000.00 for the relief aid for St. Vincent due to the volcanic eruption.

The following pics show the purchased goods being prepared for shipment to St. Vincent –

A Boy, a Budget, and a Dream

A Boy, a Budget, and a Dream

New book by Jasmine Paul

Jasmine Paul’s new book was spotlighted in Delaware State News

Kass budgets her money carefully and expects her brother Joey to do the same. But Joey spends every dollar he earns. When he realizes he hasn’t saved enough money to pay for something he’s been dreaming about, Joey must either learn to budget or risk giving up his dream.

A Boy, A Budget, and a Dream helps teach financial literacy and money management to children ages 4-8 in a fun and easy to comprehend way!

Grab yours today and encourage the children in your life to start budgeting for their dreams! Perfect for holiday stocking stuffers!

The book is #1 New Release in Children’s Money Books and Siblings!

Set Your Truth Free

Set Your Truth Free: A Twenty-Something’s Guide to Living a Truth-Filled Life 

Author (Jasmine Paul)

Life can be so confusing in your twenties, thirties, forties. Heck, life is just plain confusing. So why not know the truth? Consume bite-sized hacks to set your truth free!
Set Your Truth Free introduces innovative ideas like house hacking, living under their means, dating above the standard, the promotion of self-care, financial planning, faith, and more. This book will challenge, embrace, and develop the reader’s search for finding their truth and setting it free.

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Mallan Myrie Jr.

2020 Scholarship Recipient

Mallan Myrie is the son of Carole Morris and Mallan Myrie Sr., both of Jamaican descent. He graduated from Concord High School where he played varsity football and was captain of the lacrosse Junior Varsity team.

Mallan was head host of Concord High School’s Radio Station and a participant in the Advancement Via Individual Determination program. Mallan was an active member of the Walnut Street YMCA’s Black Achievers Program and served as a Lobbyist for the YMCA’s Youth and Government Program. For four years, Mallan performed with the Cathedral Choir School of Delaware which provided him with professional musical training as well as leadership development skills.

Mallan attends Nichols College in Dudley, Massachusetts pursuing a major in Marketing and a minor in Civic Leadership and Politics. He has a professional interest in ultimately becoming the next successful business mogul in advertising which will utilize his passion for Marketing and Communications. Mallan would then like to enter politics and become a Delaware State Senator.

Robert Shand

2020 Scholarship Recipient

Robert Shand is the son of Eden Shand and Mary Schorse. Currently, he is a freshman at the University of New Haven, majoring in Music and Sound Recording. He is in the Honors Program and the Marching Band at the university. Robert was also accepted into the 4+1 program and intends to complete his studies at New Haven with an undergraduate degree and an MBA.

Robert moved to Newark, Delaware, from Trinidad when he was six years old and attended schools in the Christina and Red Clay School Districts.

Robert plays multiple instruments, including the steelpan, piano, guitar, trombone and baritone. He is a proud graduate of Cab Calloway School of the Arts. Through the Honors program at the University of New Haven, Robert intends to research the cathartic potential of music therapy as he believes music is healing, uniting and uplifting.

Anabell Arias Rosario

2020 Scholarship Recipient

Anabell Arias Rosario is the daughter of Rafael Arias and Fabia Rosario Caraballo. She was born in the Dominican Republic and migrated to the United States at the age of 12. She graduated from Milford High School, where she joined the National Honor Society and participated in community service projects.

Currently, Anabell is attending Delaware Technical Community College where she is majoring in Human Services. She is passionate about helping people. She believes that society should unite and uplift those who are trying to succeed in life. Anabell is keen to the fact that there are underprivileged people who are going through tough situations every day and do not have access to resources or support systems.

Anabell has a desire to specialize in helping those people by providing hope of better days and new beginnings. Her goal is to develop her communication skills in the English language, and make an impact in the Human Services field. In her spare time, Anabell likes to make new friends, explore new places and environments.

Goodwin K. Cobb, V.

2020 Scholarship Recipient

Goodwin K. Cobb, V, is the son of Goodwin K. Cobb, IV, and Maria D’Aguiar Cobb of Guyanese descent. He is a freshman at the University of Delaware with a major in Mechanical Engineering and is a Grand Challenges Scholar.

Goodwin is a certified lifeguard and lacrosse referee. He graduated from Newark Charter High School with a 3.85 GPA. Among his many accolades, Goodwin initiated a new chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes organization and was an Ambassador for the Delaware Foundation for Reaching Citizens with Intellectual disabilities.

Goodwin was captain of the wrestling, lacrosse and swimming teams, and earned 15 varsity letters. He was a Delaware History Day State Champion, receiving first place for his Cuban Missile Crisis video. Goodwin was a band officer president, a trombone player in concert and marching bands, a multicultural club member, and members of the National Honors Society and National Spanish Honors Society.

News You Can Use – Fun Multiplication Puzzles


by Lyndon O Barton (Author)

One of the challenges for students to successfully perform in elementary mathematics is the mastery of the multiplication tables.

These self-checking FUN MULTIPLICATION PUZZLES provide students of GRADES 4 and UP with a great way to practice, apply and reinforce their multiplication and division skills – thus enabling them to perform simple calculations, as in mental arithmetic, WITHOUT AN OVER-RELIANCE ON THE CALCULATOR.

Each puzzle represents an incomplete multiplication table. Given that any number in the top row of the grid times any number in the left column is equal to the number (or product)  where the row and column meet, the object of the puzzle is to use the products shown as clues to complete the table by filling in all the empty squares (or cells) with the correct numbers.

Mastery of the multiplication tables is essential to the mastery of fractions, where, for example, the student is required to determine common denominators, common factors, factor pairs, or factorize a number. Besides fractions, other topic areas where the multiplication tables are useful include: clock arithmetic, base arithmetic, factorizing trinomials, and probability calculations.

Puzzles can be employed as worksheets in a classroom or as a pastime activity, just for fun.


Guyana-born Lyndon, is a retired senior engineer of E. I. DuPont and Nemours and Company. He is the author of Mechanism Analysis (1st and 2nd Editions): Simplified Graphical and Analytical Techniques (an engineering textbook written for mechanical engineers and students of mechanical engineering), as well as dozens of technical papers on engineering and mathematics, and a holder of 7 United States patents including the one on which this puzzle as well as the “TIMES TABLES SHUFFLE” App is based.

Lyndon has also taught mathematics at Delaware State University, Dover, Delaware, and -is listed in The Marquis Publication of “The Who’s Who in Engineering and Science in America.

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Dominique Dickenson

2019 Scholarship Recipient

Dominique is the youngest daughter of Monique and Terrence Dickenson of Aruba and St. Thomas. As a child, her parents taught her the importance of family and spending time together. Dominique is an accomplished athlete and leader in her church. She competed on the international stage as a Gymnast for more than 10 years. She recently graduated from Mot Charter High School, where she excelled and challenged herself by taking AP and honor’s courses. Currently, Dominique is attending college at Southern Connecticut State University where she is a part of the Honors program, majoring in Psychology with a minor in Spanish and Biology and hopes to become a Sports Physician. Dominique has grown more and more interested in diversity and inclusion, and the lack thereof. At college she hopes to be a part of organizations that celebrate Caribbean heritage to learn more about her culture and ethnicity. In the future, Dominique plans to create her own organization that will focus on providing aid and relief to countries in the Caribbean. Though this is very ambitious, Dominique believes that with the help of God and the right support system she will be able to accomplish these goals.