Anabell Arias Rosario

2020 Scholarship Recipient

Anabell Arias Rosario is the daughter of Rafael Arias and Fabia Rosario Caraballo. She was born in the Dominican Republic and migrated to the United States at the age of 12. She graduated from Milford High School, where she joined the National Honor Society and participated in community service projects.

Currently, Anabell is attending Delaware Technical Community College where she is majoring in Human Services. She is passionate about helping people. She believes that society should unite and uplift those who are trying to succeed in life. Anabell is keen to the fact that there are underprivileged people who are going through tough situations every day and do not have access to resources or support systems.

Anabell has a desire to specialize in helping those people by providing hope of better days and new beginnings. Her goal is to develop her communication skills in the English language, and make an impact in the Human Services field. In her spare time, Anabell likes to make new friends, explore new places and environments.