Angelique Caldwell

2016 Scholarship Recipient

Angelique CaldwellAngelique Caldwell is the daughter of Claudine Clough from Jamaica and Austin Caldwell.  She is a distinguished student, works very hard towards future goals and aspirations, family oriented, and is a virtuous young lady who is always filled with the spirit of the lord. Angelique has had a fascination with oral health care; she didn’t want to be known as the cliché nurse or surgeon, but wanted to step outside of her caliber and become something different. She plans on continuing her education at Florida Atlantic University as a pre-health major and then going to dental school. Her goal is to one day open up a dental practice in South Florida and practice for a few years before going international. Her first stop will be home sweet home Jamaica, where she plans on building dental clinics, and hiring and training dental professionals to provide dental care for those in need. Angelique has a distinct passion for helping others and anticipates becoming one of the best healthcare professionals of her generation