Danielle Delpeche

2011 Scholarship Recipient


Danielle Delpeche (Dani) is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Delpeche. With her mother from Jamaica and her father from Trinidad and Tobago, Danielle has the opportunity to be exposed to both cultures.

Danielle attended Wilmington Friends High School where she pursued the most rigorous curriculum available – the IB Diploma Program. Her teachers valued her creativity, intelligence, intuitive literary analysis and her analytical abilities. Danielle has been described by her high school director of college guidance as a unique individual, who marches to the beat of her own drum, takes the path less travelled, quirky, creative, and expressive. Other adjective used were brilliant, insightful, and open minded. She has been respected by her peers for her unique and thoughtful perspective.

She has excelled throughout her high school years. She has earned the All-State recognition for her Volleyball abilities and has served as an assistant coach for her club teams. Danielle has also mentored many of her peers at her high school.

She has earned a GPA of 3.57 and is currently attending Swarthmore College where she has continued playing volleyball at the collegiate level, while pursuing a degree in Psychology/Education.