Lackeeria Mackela Lewis

2014 Scholarship Recipient


Lackeeria was born in Jamaica, West Indies. She loved school because she felt, “it was a place where teachers pushed us to do our very best, whether it was with a belt or ruler.” At the age of 11 years, Lackeeria migrated to the Philadelphia, USA.

The school she attended simply was not the same; teachers did not seem to care and doing homework or participating in extra-curricular activities was ridiculed by the students. As a result, her grades suffered. Fortunately, her dad Floyd Lewis, wanted a better life for his daughter and got her transferred to William Penn High School in Delaware, where she found nurturing teachers and students who had an interest in learning. She achieved and maintained a 3.0 GPA while participating in school activities and holding a part time job. As one teacher puts it: “Lackeeria is a young woman of outstanding character, leadership ability, and impeccable work ethic. She has consistently displayed the attitude, aptitude, and performance that are needed for success.”

She attends Delaware State University where she is majoring in English, and aspires to be a teacher. Her lifelong goal is to create a “Bridge Program” that would allow Caribbean children to obtain student visas to come to the US and obtain a college education. She believes that, education should not be compromised for not only is it strength and power, but most of all, it is individual freedom.