Mallan Myrie Jr.

2020 Scholarship Recipient

Mallan Myrie is the son of Carole Morris and Mallan Myrie Sr., both of Jamaican descent. He graduated from Concord High School where he played varsity football and was captain of the lacrosse Junior Varsity team.

Mallan was head host of Concord High School’s Radio Station and a participant in the Advancement Via Individual Determination program. Mallan was an active member of the Walnut Street YMCA’s Black Achievers Program and served as a Lobbyist for the YMCA’s Youth and Government Program. For four years, Mallan performed with the Cathedral Choir School of Delaware which provided him with professional musical training as well as leadership development skills.

Mallan attends Nichols College in Dudley, Massachusetts pursuing a major in Marketing and a minor in Civic Leadership and Politics. He has a professional interest in ultimately becoming the next successful business mogul in advertising which will utilize his passion for Marketing and Communications. Mallan would then like to enter politics and become a Delaware State Senator.