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Curtis J. Davis

2012 Scholarship Recipient


Curtis J. Davis is the son of Edwin and Carol Ann Davis from Trinidad & Tobago. He graduated from the Delaware Military Academy in June 2012, with a 3.20 GPA.

In high school, Curtis was a well-rounded student in academics, sports, and extracurricular activities, receiving many accolades including the distinction of Sea Hawk Cadet. His upbringing and military training have influenced his ambitious character and leadership skills.

After completing his advance training at Fort Gordon in Georgia with the Delaware Army National Guard in computer detection and repair in November, Curtis will enter the University of Delaware pursuing a degree in Physical Therapy. Upon graduation from University he will have earned sufficient credits to become a United States Army Officer.

Jordan A. Wright

2012 Scholarship Recipient


Jordan is the son of Pamela Stampp of Jamaican parentage. He attended the Paul M. Hodgson Vocational-Technical High School in Glasgow, Delaware and graduated with an impressive 3.86 GPA.

In addition to his studies, Jordan was a faithful member of his church, volunteering many hours of service as a bible educator and mentor. He also worked as an Assistant Caregiver at a local facility, meeting the basic needs of hospice patients.

During the summer of 2011, Jordan visited Jamaica and was shocked beyond all reason when he saw the disabled and small children stealing food just to survive. That experience inspired Jordan even more to obtain a college degree with an eye towards helping the less fortunate. Jordan is currently studying Engineering at the University of Delaware.

Chantelle A. Preston

2012 Scholarship Recipient


Chantelle is the daughter of Kathy Smart-Preston, the Smart family from Trinidad & Tobago and her American father, Harvey Preston. At age 8, Chantelle visited Trinidad and fell in love with the food, culture, beaches, and the beautiful people of Trinidad.

To further experience the T&T culture, she performed with the Trinidad Cultural Group at cultural educational presentations by the Delaware Multicultural Education Council and the Delaware Dept. of Education. She attends all the TTCAD functions.

While in high school, Chantelle consistently performed with academic excellence. She also volunteered at New Life Christian Center Outreach Program to improve her community. Because of hard work and dedication, Chantelle graduated from Caravel Academy with a 3.93 GPA. She is now studying Physics and International Relations at John Hopkins University.