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Marcus E. Delpeche

2013 Scholarship Recipient


When we first saw Marcus, we just knew he was a basketball player because of his height, strong hands, and athletic physique. We soon learned that Marcus is, indeed, adept in basketball and even had the opportunity to play at the college level. However, Marcus has decided to pursue a degree in Business Management at Bates College in Maine. Marcus has a twin brother who will also be attending Bates College.

Marcus is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Delpeche. His mother is from Jamaica and his father is from Trinidad and Tobago. He attended Wilmington Friends School where he graduated with a GPA of 3.2. In high school, he challenged himself by taking the International Baccalaureate Certificate Program, which requires students to take 3 Higher Level Courses in the fields of History, Biology and English. Marcus did so without sacrificing his regular class work or athletic activities.

Marcus has been described by his teachers as affable, focused, and someone with integrity, remarkable insight, and a positive attitude. These attributes will serve him well as he embarks upon college life and the new challenges it presents.

Deborah C. Occident

2013 Scholarship Recipient


Deborah was born in the United States. She is the daughter of Martin & Darlene Occident from Haiti. She attended Newark High School where she graduated with a 3.8 GPA. Deborah is an accomplished violinist who gave back to her community by tutoring students in playing the violin.

Deborah’s goal is to be a doctor, more specifically, a cardiologist. She also wants to serve in the military. Deborah is attending St. Francis College in Brooklyn, New York where she is taking science and liberal arts. Deborah is articulate, disciplined and intellectually mature for her age. One of her high school teachers remarked, “Deborah is a dedicated student and a true scholar.She has a quiet passion that forces people to take notice when she speaks. Her words seem to have a different heft and resonate in a way that is unique for one her age.”

With guidance for her career path, Deborah will become the compassionate physician she so desires to be.